Prins Industries Amsterdam, the Netherlands

currently selling nos and used vacuum tubes

E55L: Philips, tested: 18,-
E80CF Philips: 8,-, tested, pair: 20,-
E80L, nos: 10,-
E86C, Siemens, nos: 10,-
E88C, Tungsram, nos: 8,-
E88C / 8255 Telefunken, nos: 30,-
E88CC: price on request
E188CC: price on request
E288CC: price on request
E180CC, Philips: 22,-
E182CC: Philips, price on request
E280F, Tungsram, nos: 10,-
E810F, Philips, tested: 10,-
ECC40: Philips, nos, 10,-
ECC81, Philips, tested: 10,-
ECC82, Philips, tested: 10.-
ECC83, Philips, tested: 12,-
ECC88, Philips, tested: 10,-
ECC2000, Siemens, nos: 15,-
ECL80: Philips, nos, 3,-
ECL82: Philips, nos, 10,-
EL84: Philips, tested: 10,-
EF94,Telefunken, tested: 4,-
EF95, Telefunken, tested: 2,-
EZ80: Philips, tested: 5,-

PCC88, Philips, tested, 8,-

6BQ7A Sylvania gold pin: price on request

5687 Sylvania goldpin, pair of 2, tested: 30,- per tube

8608 = E55L but anode on top, tested: 10,-

tubes are tested on avo mkII tubetester.

all prices in euros, exclusive postage
international shipping

payment in advance by bank or paypal

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